Extracts from the statutes of SFH

SFH is an organization for registered occupational therapists and registered physiotherapists and other professionals working within the field of hand rehabilitation.

The aim of SFH is to support:

  • exchange of knowledge between all professionals working with hand rehabilitation.
  • qualified education for occupational therapists and physiotherapists working with hand
  • rehabilitation.
  • development of methods and research within the field of hand rehabilitation.
  • spread knowledge about hand rehabilitation.
  • international exchange between hand therapists.

Registered occupational therapists and physiotherapists and other professionals working with hand rehabilitation can become members.

Membership is applied for to the board of SFH via an application form at our website www.sfh.nu, and the annual fee must be paid to be registered as a member.

Commercial membership is offered companies or private persons who want to support SFH.

The board of SFH leads the activities, administers the assets, announces annual meetings and updates members list. The board shall consist of both occupational therapists and physiotherapists.