Welcome to the Swedish Society for Hand Rehabilitation

Welcome to the Swedish Society for Hand Rehabilitation.

The Swedish Society for Hand Rehabilitation (SFH) is an organization for registered Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other professionals working within the field of hand rehabilitation. Today there are over 200 occupational therapists and physiotherapists and other professionals as members. SFH also has 14 commercial members.

SFH is a member of both the International and European Associations for Hand Therapy (IFSHT and EFSHT). SFH collaborates with the other Scandinavian Associations for hand rehabilitation.

SFH aims to exchange knowledge within the field of hand rehabilitation. Two issues of our magazine MANUS are distributed each year to all our members.

Each year SFH arranges a national conference for two days for all members. The conference is arranged in cooperation with the seven hand surgery departments in Sweden; Malmö, Göteborg, Umeå, Stockholm, Örebro, Linköping and Uppsala. During these two days there are lectures and workshops, dealing with current questions regarding hand rehabilitation.

Qualified lecturers are invited and members have the opportunity to present projects. The annual meeting is held during the annual conference days, "Handdagarna".